Friday, April 6, 2012

Lubu Heels and Worth the Risque

Yesterday I got 2 new nail polishes: China Glaze Lubu Heels and Color Club Worth the Risque.

CG Lubu Heels is a deep black/red gel polish filled with small red glitter. It looks stunning in the bottle so, hopefully this transfers to the nails.

CC Worth the Risque is a silver holographic polish that looks somewhat underwhelming in the bottle. We'll see what happens.

Since I was dying to try both I did a Lubu Heels manicure with a Worth the Risque accent nail. I practiced stamping again with OPI for Sephora What's a Tire Jack? I used 3 coats of Lubu Heels and 2 of Worth the Risque to achieve full coverage. 

Until I put the top coat (Orly Bottom 2 Top) on Lubu Heels, you could barely see the read glitter. This is a very rich looking polish that has a very deep blood red feeling. From a distance, the glitter isn't overly noticeable but up close, the red glitter gives it a rich two-tone look. I definitely suggest CG Lubu Heels if you're looking for something dark and sexy.

Worth the Risque definitely looks better on, than in the bottle. It doesn't have a very strong holographic effect, but it's still pretty; not mind blowing. In certain lights, it just looks like a flat gray polish. This is by no means the most exciting holographic polish, but it was easy to find, which can't be said about the better holographic polishes. 

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