Thursday, April 12, 2012

First Attempt at Gradients

I tried using make-up sponges last night to create a neon gradient manicure. It was super easy and super messy! As you can see

Before clean up

Next time I'm definitely going to try putting cuticle oil or hand lotion around the nail to help make clean up easier. 

To create the mani I used my favorite CG neons: Turned Up Turquoise, Purple Panic, and Pink Voltage. All I did was paint the colors onto the make-up sponge and sponged it onto my nails. I did it on my bare nail with just a clear base coast underneath. Most people use a white base coat to avoid having to stamp many layers. I don't have white polish yet, so I just just did 4 layers of stamping. Covering the stamping right away with a clear top coat helps smooth the transition between colors. I bought cheap make-up sponges for this but they kept breaking and leaving bits on my nail. Once dry I was able to gently rub them off but I may try another brand in the future.

I will definitely be doing this again. I was one of the easiest and most beautiful manicures I've done! I just love it!

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