Monday, April 2, 2012

First Attempt

 Ok, so here goes my first attempt at creating nail art. I started and ended with Orly's Top 2 Bottom base coat/top coat. This was new for me. I have never in my life used a base coat. A sin, I know that now. Sorry. I then decided to try two layers CG Agro since I don't really like green and I'm trying new things. It was absolutely stunning alone. I should have taken a picture. Oh well, lesson learned for next time. I then added 2 layers of Nfu Oh #39 on top since it has green flakies. This was definitely a good idea and I did take pictures this time.

These first 2 pictures give you a better idea of what the CG Agro looks like even though I have the flakies on top. There is a definite learning curve to photographing nails. 

After some trial and error I finally got a shot where you can see the flakies somewhat. This picture still doesn't quite do it justice. The final finish almost reminds me of fish scales with the dark metallic background and lighter, shiny flakies.

Obviously I still have a lot to learn, and my cuticles are in HORRIBLE condition, I don't think this is a terrible first attempt. :)

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