Friday, April 13, 2012

Holographic Horror!

So I finally got a hold of the fabled and impossible to get Nfu Oh #61. I tried it on a color wheel first to sample it and it was the most perfect holographic polish I have ever seen! I could understand why it's $12.50/bottle and extremely hard to get. Then I tried to put it on my own nails... all hell broke loose. It was horrible to put on. It does not coat evenly at all! I had to put 6 coats on some nails to full coverage. That's ridiculous for an expensive polish. However, once on it did look pretty and has a very strong holographic effect. 

Then I put a topcoat on to protect it... it completely ruined it. In the picture below, the left finger has the topcoat and right is without.

Here's another angle showing just how much the topcoat ruins the holographic effect.

This polish can't even be worn without a topcoat. It started chipping and cracking about 10 minutes after it dried. This polish is so not worth the money. As you can see, I didn't even bother to clean up my nails because it's not going to last. This was such a disappointment.

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