Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sassy Lacquer, Hits, and Zoya... Oh my!

I apologize up front for this being a super long post, but I got so many exciting new polishes and I couldn't wait to try them. First up I have Zoya Blair, which is a deep metallic red.  It goes on beautifully and provides full coverage in two coats. 

Then I received my order from Sassy Lacquer. She is new to the franken market and I was lucky enough to grab her whole collection before she sold out. Her current collection consists of 3 color changing top coats, and I couldn't wait to try them. So, I immediately layered them over Zoya Blair.

 First I tried Pegasus Jizz (now named pegasus plasma) over Blair as an accent. It added quite a beautiful copper sparkle.

Of course, I then had to try the other 2 colors. From left to right I have on Chameleon Charge, Electric Eel, Pegasus Jizz, and Chameleon Charge. The colors all look beautiful over the deep red, but it doesn't give the best representation of their actual colors. So, I redid my nails with a black base this morning, to better show the true beauty of Sassy Lacquers new polishes. 

From left to right; Sassy Lacquer Pegasus Jizz, Chameleon Charge, Electric Eel, and Hits Moonbeam

First up we have Chameleon Charge, which is a gold to green shift top coat. These were had to photograph in the bottle but not so on the nail as you will see.

Next is Pegasus Jizz (Plasma). This is a beautiful copper, red, to green shift. 

The last of Sassy Lacquers polishes is Electric Eel which has a blue to green shift.

 To round out my manicure I plan on wearing for a couple days thanks to finals is Hits moonbeam. This is a multi-chrome glitter than changes from purple to blue to green.

From left to right I am wearing: Electric Eel, Moonbeam, Pegasus Jizz (Plasma), and Chameleon Charge.

Here are you seen the beautiful shift effect of all 4 polishes. They are so sparkly and different! I am completely in love. I used 2 coats of each plus a top coat of seche vita.

The first close-up I have is of Pegasus Jizz (Plasma). Look at that shift!! It's stunning! You can so easily see the distinct color change between the red, copper and green. 

Next I have Moonbeam, but Hits. This also have a beautiful shift, this time for blue to purple. Unlike the all over shimmering beauty of the Sassy Lacquers, Moonbeam consists of different color small glitters. This doesn't give it quite as smooth of an appearance as the Sassy Lacquers, but it is still beautiful in it's own right.

 I had a difficult time photographing the lovely blue to green shift of Electric Eel. Here you can see the pretty blue color. The green shift is much more apparent in the whole hand photos. In sunlight, it turns into this stunning turquoise green color. I love it!

Last, but definitely not least, I have Chameleon Charge. If you look at the base of my nail, you can see the gold shimmer slowly transition into a brilliant emerald green. 

Needless to say I am in LOVE with Sassy Lacquers new polishes! They go on like a charm and produce absolutely gorgeous results! She is currently sold out but is taking wait-list orders. The set of Pegasus Plasma, Chameleon Charge, and Electric Eel is $27. Pegasus Jizz (now title plasma) is available alone for $9. You can contact her here ( to join the wait-list. She is phenomenal at responding. I can't wait to try these new Sassy Lacquers over more polishes! Happy painting!

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