Saturday, May 19, 2012

Review: Wonder Beauty Products Hippie Fest

As promised in my previous post, here is one of my new colors: Wonder Beauty's Hippie Fest. Now this polish is a little different than you standard polish. You receive a pot of "concentrated color" and a bottle of clear "fusion polish." What you do is mix up the the color in the pot with an included stirring stick. Then you use the brush from the fusing polish to apply the color. If you want full color potential, wipe off most of the fusion polish before dipping it into the color pot. For more translucent coverage, don't wipe the off the brush before dipping. The clear fusion liquid can then be used as a topcoat, which is a nice bonus. 

Here you can see the pot that the concentrated color comes in. I used Hippie Fest over 2 coats of Sinful Colors Purple Diamond.

Hippie Fest contains all different shapes, colors, and sizes of purple, green, and blue metallic flakies in a clear base with iridescent and golden shimmer. 

Although the color pot format took a little bit to get used to, I kind of like it at least for this polish anyway. It really allowed me to dig in the pot and pick of the flakies. As you can probably see in the close up picture, there are definitely some bubbles present. However, I believe this is probably due to adapting to a new polish application method. I also LOVE this as a top coat. It's so pretty and different. You can purchase Hippie Fest on the Wonder Beauty Products page here. She is currently working on making her polishes available in regular polish form for those who do not like the pot method. I definitely suggest checking some of her polishes out! Happy painting! 

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