Monday, May 14, 2012

Glitter Gal Black 3D/Holo

I'm back from finals and have a TON of stuff to post. Up first: Glitter Gal Black 3D/Holographic polish. I was super excited to get this polish. I have seen so many people raving about Glitter Gal's polishes and had to check it out for myself. Now, this is not a cheap polish. It is $14 for a smaller than average bottle (0.3oz instead of the normal 0.5oz) and can be purchased at Llarowe. I lucked out and caught it on sale for $10.50

After looking at the bottle I was already impressed. Look at all that holographic glitter!! I could not wait to try it.... and DISAPPOINTMENT! 

Where is all that glitter?

There was so much in the bottle.

Even in full sunlight the holographic glitter is hardly noticeable.

The only way you can even see the holographic aspect of this polish is by getting in SUPER close. If I held out my hand my nails just looked like I painted them a flat black. This is definitely not what I expected from a $14 polish. 

Just for fun, let's look at the polish and a nail in full sunlight. Just look at all the holographic sparkle coming from the bottle. Where did it all go on the nail? 

Verdict: I wouldn't suggest picking up Glitter Gal Black 3D/Holo. I will definitely try another Glitter Gal polish since it did go on well and lasted a couple days. However, I probably try a lighter color to see if it lets the sparkle through better. 


  1. Wow thanks for the review and honest opinion! That's crazy that so much of the holographic glitter disappears like that!

  2. I actually have grey and blue Glitter Gal holos and they look awesome in the bottle with minimal WOW on the nail. I am disappointed with my $30 purchase.