Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Finals Procrastination

If you read any of my recent posts, you know I had finals last week. Of course I had to procrastinate a little bit and what better way to procrastinate than pain my nails? Since I was spending the majority of my time studying depressing topics like cancer and heart disease (I'm a MA Pathology student), I decided I needed bright, fun nails. I decided to try out two previously unused Zoya polishes: Charla and Apple. 

Charla is a bright tropical blue with a metallic finish. Apple, as the name suggests, is a vivid green color that is packed with gold sparkle. 

I decided to do contrasting hands as you can see since I couldn't decide on a main color. Boy do these colors SPARKLE!!!! They are so bright and fun!

Since I finished my nails and still felt like procrastinating more, I added some stamping. This was my first mostly successful attempt at full nail stamping. I was excited, and the fun print and colors cheered up my studying. Win! You can find Charla here and Apple here. They are normally $8 a piece but if you follow those links and sign up for a new account, you can get one free for just the price of shipping. Happy painting!


  1. I love the stamping you did! So much better then I could ever do. I found you blog hopping and now following!


    1. Honestly, this was about my 12th attempt. If you put a topcoat on before stamping you can scratch a failed design off and try again without ruining it! I learned that after having to redo many nails. Also, I followed back. :)

  2. Love the apple! I'm into green polishes lately! lol. BTW found your blog through the blog hop! Yay